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Agricultural Litigation

We help Tri-City farmers

Agriculture has become one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States, making it much more difficult than it once was to be a farmer or rancher. Agriculture regulations that protect land use and product quality are just some of the many features of agriculture law. Agriculture law covers anything relating to economic land use and can be quite complex. Rettig Forgette Iller Adamson is a valuable resource, and should be consulted with any agriculture law questions you may have.

For over three decades Rettig Forgette Iller Adamson has represented farmers and agricultural organizations. Our attorneys have been regional leaders in litigating cases regarding crop injury and personal injuries due to pesticide drift or the improper application of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers and other farm chemicals. If you are a farmer who has questions or who has experienced any of these problems, we can assist you.

“I have used Rettig Forgette Iller Adamson’s legal services for over ten years. Brian Iller was instrumental in helping me to start my own office equipment business and in providing continued legal support.  Fran Forgette assisted with my small, family-owned winery. Each of them put my interests first and worked hard on my behalf. Their individual talents and strengths complement each other and create a firm that can handle legal matters of all natures. I am convinced that every person in their office is well-equipped to provide superior service and support. In my opinion, these legal professionals are unsurpassed in the area.”
-Forrest Alexander