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Businesses interact in many and varied ways. To name just a few types of business transactions, there are contracts, leasing, mergers and acquisitions. How these transactions are carried out is complex. Additionally, how businesses are formed is a large part of business law. Whether large or small, Rettig Forgette Iller Adamson can provide information and resources for all business owners, plus assist entrepreneurs seeking to get a business idea off the ground.

Rettig Forgette Iller Adamson provides advice and litigation representation to businesses experiencing contract disputes, partnership formation disputes and business dissolution issues. We offer our clients over 24 years of experience in litigation over non-competition agreements and issues, wrongful discharge and wage issues as well as most other employment matters.

We have extensive experience with most of the legal issues businesses face. If for some reason we are not familiar with your issues, we will gladly refer you to someone in the Tri Cities who can best help you with your specific legal needs.

“It’s reassuring to know that such professional, compassionate, and integrity-filled attorneys are right in our backyard. When being represented by this firm, I always felt that I was in capable hands who cared deeply that my rights were protected, and who would stand up to representation that didn’t share their professionalism, compassion, and integrity, without compromising their own.”
-Matt Henderson